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The Story Of Chimp My Site

Once upon a time a developer met a designer and they started working together.

One day, over a cup of tea and a banana they were wondering how they could make web design and build easy for the customer to understand with a transparent pricing plan.

Hmmm! They scratched their heads (yes, just their heads!) and after a few more bananas decided that a customer should be able to buy a basic site and then add whatever they need to it with a cost associated to each module they wish to add, how simple would that be?

They set to straight away to create a site that people could do just that and ‘Chimp My Site' was born.

Being dedicated and experienced developers and designers they offered not only aesthetically pleasing sites, but ones that worked well, were user and mobile friendly, and before they knew it they had a portfolio to be proud of and lived happily ever after.

If you'd like a fairytale site without a giant cost, get started today.