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One of the most important aspects of owning a website is getting your users to return!

Did you know that research shows that it's extremely unlikely a user will ever return to your website again unless you give them a reason to? But how do you encourage them to return? First you need to communicate with them! But how do you communicate with them if you don't have their details? That's where this module comes in.

This module will be built into your website, usually in a sidebar  which will appear on every page.

It consists of a form which will collect the users first name and email address. It checks dynamically for blank and incorrectly formated inputs. It's important not to ask for too much information as this will inhibit sign-ups.

The form includes a captcha code. You may have heard of these or had some experience using them. Yes we know they can be difficult to read sometimes and nobody really likes them but they do a very useful job of excluding spammers and automated programs adding useless or malicious data to your database.

On satisfactory acceptance of the users information the system can send an automated welcome email.

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